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Sydney, Sep 12, 2006 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Around the world, a large number of Broadband Powerline (BPL) trials have been underway for five years and longer, and BPL is performing well, when compared with most other technologies. The next step is to make the transition from the current trial status to the commercial arena, and this will require the establishment of an appropriate regulatory framework to support the technological developments that are occurring. General speaking, positive developments on that level are taking place around the globe. But, as with most new technologies, progress is slow and full standardisation is not expected until 2008. The key problem in 2006 remains the high equipment costs. While some relief is expected, large scale rollouts will not occur before full standardisation has taken place. Developments in Demand Side Management (DSM) services such as home automation and home management, are opening up new opportunities for BPL - such as a third broadband highway into the home.

This report provides information on the latest developments and trends in the BPL market, with a detailed analysis of the sector. It includes a SWOT analysis, business models, forecasts, an update on the regulatory environment and information on key projects and pilots taking place around the world.

Key Highlights:

- Around 100 commercial BPL trials are currently taking place worldwide, with about a third of these under way in the United States, and the large majority originating in Europe.
- There are over 170,000 BPL subscribers worldwide in 2006.
- Utilities are in an ideal position to compete in the multi-utility broadband infrastructure sector.
- Underground BPL is well and truly underway and is especially successful in apartment housing. In Hong Kong, a large number of households are now connected to BPL services, delivering between 8Mb/s and 10Mb/s broadband speed.
- BPL in Canada is still in its early exploratory stages with few trials and commercial deployments, those mainly within hotels.
- IPTV over BPL is on the way, and significant investments are being made by the vendors to develop technologies that will become commercially available in 2007.
- There are around 26 major BPL players, including equipment makers, manufacturers, and integrators.
- Wireless signals within buildings are generating more problems than anticipated. This puts the HomePlug solution, based on BPL, back in the picture.
- The regulatory environment, trends favouring energy conservation and competition in power generation are pushing utilities toward DSM as a way to reduce costs, minimise investment in new power plants, and improve customer service.
- DSM can represent savings of approximately $400 per household or more.

2006 Global Broadband Power Line Moving into Home Management report

The report contains:
- Trends and developments
- The Multi Utilities Market, overview, analyses, opportunities
- Projects and Pilots
- Key Industry players
- Regional Overviews (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa)
- Critical technical analyses
- Architecture and Propagation
- Equipment and services

Approx. number of pages: 121

Executive summary and Table of Content available from web site:
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