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Sydney, May 2, 2018 AEST (ABN Newswire) - The Lopez group is pleased to present Carbon Dollar X the only true asset backed Cryptocurrency of it's kind. With valuation support of $500 per token.

Strong global demand for Carbon Dollar X is predicted to reach above $500 per token this year and could hit $1,500 by the mid 2019. The Lopez Group has indicated two main factors for this growth, asset backed with a valuation of $5Billion and strong global demand for a stabilized crypto currency.

Carbon Dollar X is the only asset backed Cryptocurrency of it's kind. Secured from day one with certified liquid hard assets and tied to the increasing value of the global carbon credit market. These initial assets are valued at greater than two times the hard cap of the token offering, verified by certified financials. Crypto currencies needs stability and trust to be accepted globally. CarbonDollar X is developing a new "global crypto monetary framework" to provide just that. Think of it as a vault and the wealth within it, managed and protected by the CDX Platform, eliminating the imbalances and inefficiencies associated with existing crypto currencies. In the same manner that ledgers are the new banks, CarbonDollar X's, CDX, is the new vision of a reserve currency.


Carbon Dollar X's mission is to establish a universal cryptocurrency that is financially stable used globally and has sound and secure technology, upon which to trade ubiquitously with all other world currencies.


The objective of Carbon Dollar X, is to be the global standard for cryptocurrency, with an exchange that is streamlined in all facets from its real-time transaction workflow, ultra- security, speed and fairness. no matter the currency it is exchanging.

Carbon Dollar X Exchange Platform

The Carbon Dollar X exchange platform is being developed as a proprietary integration of technologies. The exchange is based on a value backed ''Distributed Ledger Technology", elevating Carbon Dollar X above the noise of other crypto currencies, especially those that employ speculative manipulation totally for their market value.

The Carbon Dollar X, ICO is offered on the Ethereum platform. According to Bloomberg, initial coin offerings (ICOs) have raised over $1.6 billion in the past year, prompting many to speculate on the decline of venture capital as a model for funding new startups. The ICO explosion of the past year can be mostly attributed to the growth of the Ethereum blockchain, and the ease with which Ethereum permits the creation of new coins.

After gaining some recognition on Wall Street, cryptocurrencies have attracted the interest of asset rating agencies. This January in a report that assigned grades to dozens of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum earned a higher grade than both Bitcoin and Ripple. "The mere fact that futures exchanges and rating services have finally legitimized investment in cryptocurrencies after nine years of their existence is a strong sign of trend maturation," adds Elliot Prechter, head of computer analysis at Elliot Wave.

Carbon Dollar X the only known 100% guaranteed ICO

Combine Carbon Dollar X, the only known 100% guaranteed ICO, with the Ethereum platform and you have an instant winner. "We confirm the value of each Ethereum token from the Carbon Dollar X ICO to be valued at USD $4 per token. This is the guarantee offered by Suria Global Ltd. with certified assets allocated to the Exchange and valued up to 5 Billion USD."

The ICO issuance of 200,000,000 million tokens equals an initial market value of 25.00 each, or 625% above the base price of 4.00 per token in the ICO. ( Calculation: Take the exchange 5 Billion USD value, decided by the number of issued tokens, 200 million equals 25.00. [5B/25.00 = 200m] ). The purchase of Carbon Dollar X ICO tokens will be convertible into CDX cryptocurrency, on Carbon Dollar X's CDX Exchange by December of 2018.

Private Token Distribution Overview

Token Name: Carbon Dollar X

Token Ticker: CDX

Token Website:

Token Address: 0x2cb101d7dA0ebaA57D3F2fEf46D7FFB7BB64592B

Token Owner: Suria Global (L) LTD

Token Type: Ethereum ERC20

Distribution Target: Hard cap at $680 000 000.00 USD equivalent

Total Tokens Issued: 200 000 000 Tokens

Mining: No mining or any other means of Token amount increase will apply.

Token Price: ICO Token pricing will be: 1 Token = $4.00 equivalent
Discount Price: During the initial phase of the Private Token Distribution, discounted prices will be available during the distribution of the first 80 000 000 Tokens as follows:

First 20 000 000 Tokens = $3.00 USD equivalent per Token
Following 20 000 000 Tokens = $3.50 USD equivalent per Token
Following 40 000 000 Tokens = $3.75 USD equivalent per Token

Eligibility: Accredited and Institutional Investors

Use of Proceeds: See "Use of Proceeds"

Token Distribution: Public - 180 000 000 Tokens (90%)
Management & Employees - 20 000 000 Tokens (10%)

Lockup Period: Tokens distributed under "Management and Employees" will undertake a 12-month lockup period subsequent to the Token's Distribution. No distribution, transfer or pledge of Management and Employee Tokens will be permitted during this period. Tokens distributed from the public pool do not undertake any form of lockup period and may be freely transferred, pledged or distributed between other accredited and institutional investors.

Distribution Time: Tokens will be distributed within 24h upon payment confirmation.

Distribution Event: Pre-Distribution 1st February 2018 - 25th March 2018
Opening Date 26th March 2018

To view the Whitepaper, please visit:

About Carbon Dollar X

Carbon Dollar XCarbon Dollar X is an asset backed Cryptocurrency, tied to the value of the global carbon credit market. The initial hard asset value and carbon credits backing the Carbon Dollar X are derived from an old-growth standing forest. The assets are valued at greater than two times the hard cap of the token offering, verifiable via audited financials, with an estimated increase of five to fifteen percent (15%) per annum.

Carbon Dollar X is initiating the first cryptocurrency that will be fully backed by hard assets and carbon credits. Carbon credits as a commodity are recognized internationally and carry an established value. Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocols the majority believe that the value of these credits will increase in years to come. 

About The Lopez Group

The Lopez GroupThe Lopez group is a professional, exclusive boutique innovative business, specializing in connecting established businesses with sophisticated investors globally. The Lopez Group team are Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Financial Advisers with over 50 years of experience in Europe, Australia, USA and Asia. 


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