GoldFund.io (CRYPTO:GFUN) Announces Production of Half Ounce Gold Rounds

🕔5/17/2022 12:23:53 PM

GoldFund.io (CRYPTO:GFUN) announces the company has started it's production of half troy ounce gold rounds stamped with the GoldFund Boar Head logo.

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Libcoin to Launch Ethereum-Based Tokens

🕔2/7/2022 7:23:34 AM

Responding to renewed emphasis on infrastructure development in its many forms, a group of financial, engineering, banking, and legal professionals have come together to launch Libcoin (LIB), a "governance and reward" crypto token.

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OliveX Holdings Limited (NSX:OLX) Launch of new 'DOSE' Token and 'Dustland Runner' Game

🕔9/29/2021 9:22:00 AM

OliveX Holdings Limited (NSX:OLX), through its wholly owned subsidiary OliveX BVI, is pleased to announce that it intends to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for its new DOSE token.

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Goldfund.io (CRYPTO:GFUN) Announces Capital Raising and Issues Information Memorandum

🕔4/24/2021 12:37:11 PM

Goldfund.io (CRYPTO:GFUN) has lodged an Information Memorandum for raising operational capital to accelerate the rollout of the Goldfund ecosystem and business.

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GoldFund.io (CRYPTO:GFUN) Announce Reduction in Circulated GFUN Tokens

🕔4/10/2021 8:18:53 AM

GoldFund.io (CRYPTO:GFUN), a crypto currency ecosystem for the trading of physical gold as a commodity, announces today the reduction of GFUN ERC20 token supply from 10Bln to 2Bln.

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Anndy Lian Spoke at Economics Summit 2020: "Cryptocurrency recreates the future of finance."

🕔12/5/2020 5:34:30 PM

COVID19 has brought uncertainty to every sector. The financial industry has not been spared. There are vital concerns that are emerging for the Banking & Capital Markets.

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GoldFund.io Launches BeefLedger (CRYPTO:BEEF) Tokens on the GoldFund Exchange

🕔9/9/2020 11:45:29 AM

GoldFund.io (CRYPTO:GFUN) announces the launch of the BeefLedger (CRYPTO:BEEF) Tokens for trading on the GoldFund Exchange.

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