VitaHemp Product Launch Australian Grown Goodness
VitaHemp Product Launch Australian Grown Goodness
Sydney, Nov 27, 2017 AEST (ABN Newswire) - The Board of Queensland Bauxite (ASX:QBL), is anticipating that the successful launch of these premium all-Australian products, will generate significant cashflow for the Company in 2018, and enable dividends for shareholders.

The team at VitaHemp, Medical Cannabis Limited (MCL)'s hemp food products division, is thrilled to launch VitaHemp's true Aussie Grown Hemp Foods!

Visit the Health and Innovation Expo to sample our initial range of products

Limited samples of our new VitaHemp product range will be available on a first come first serve basis at the Health and Innovation Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Dec 3rd 2017. All shareholders of QBL are invited to visit the VitaHemp exhibition at the expo where samples of the product will be given to the first shareholders who visit, and shareholders will also be able to taste our on-site "home blending" on what will be the basis of our delicious and nutritious VitaHemp milk.

New Legislation Gives VitaHemp a MAJOR edge over competitors

New Australian Government regulations have now made a mandatory ruling that results in a 100% sterilisation on imported raw and hulled seeds. This new regulation provides VitaHemp a MAJOR edge over competitors who currently import either their seed or repackaged products into Australia.

VitaHemp team member Peter Edwards of Hemp Hulling Co said "The new Australian Government regulations have now made it very clear, there must be 100% mandatory sterilisation on imported raw and hulled seeds. This means that imported hemp seeds must now be de-natured! This means that these seeds cannot propagate and are arguably dead seeds.

"VitaHemp is 100% Australian grown and produced, to the highest quality standards for the production of healthy nutritious hemp seed food products from LIVE fresh seeds which ensures maximum potency for the nutrition of the product, and is 100% Gluten Free with no known allergens.

"VitaHemp process live-fertile Australian grown Hemp seeds. Australian grown seeds are not only the best and freshest( As they do not require sterilisation), but appear to be the only hemp seed - particularly hulled - that can be confidently bought and consumed in Australia. VitaHemp's all-Australian-grown hemp seeds are safe, nutritionally potent, and supervised throughout the process from extraction from the hemp plant and hulling to manufacture of the goods."

"Australian families should demand Australian grown hemp foods and Australian Gold Standard Quality Hemp Seed Products."

Mr Edwards adds "Personally, I am very excited to be introducing a new food to so many families who are now discovering the value of hulled Hemp seeds, powders and oils.

"To those who may not be aware, hemp seed foods are very much a family food. Australian grown Hemp seeds are not cultivated from the psychoactive component of Cannabis. Cannabis known as hemp contains only trace amounts of THC and are safe to be consumed by the entire family."

Sample Range produced, with mass up-scaled production beginning this week.

Further proprietary products are currently being developed and some of these further products will be released to the public in coming weeks.

VitaHemp is also launching a proprietary Hemp Nectar infused, NPA Certified, 100% Australian Grown Healthy Hemp Honey! The initial lab tests are showing powerful nutritional properties, that the VitaHemp team believe may be the world's healthiest and most nutritious honey with the additional bonus of a fantastic taste. Further testing is currently underway.

Andrew Kavasilas, Technical Director of MCL and founder of VitaHemp says "We are indeed proud of our current all-Australian range. We are so pleased to be finally manufacturing in bulk for the local and export markets.

"We are currently working on some unique products that we intend to launch in the coming weeks. From our internal research we understand they will be a huge hit with consumers. This initial range is just the beginning of our vision of being the leader and most innovative group in this new and exciting industry.

"The first of these unique innovative products is our VitaHemp honey! HHC together with the Waltanna Hemp Group have been working on a unique proprietary Hemp Nectar formula, not your average honey mixed with a little hemp seed or oil, but a proprietary honey formulation that is NPA Certified made of 100% Australian ingredients!

"We believe these products will be a massive hit especially in the large export markets in Asia and globally, and we look forward to working with HHC and Waltanna Hemp Group in further developing our unique product range".

Strong Interest expressed from major mainstream national chains and buyers

VitaHemp's Peter Edwards said "We have had significant interest from major recognised retail chains and multinational buyers for our initial range and we are confident that the current demand will far outweigh the supply. We will be doing whatever we can to maximise our production as quickly as possible to be able to meet what we are seeing as strong demand that our new industry is not yet capable of meeting, but we will be set to be able to meet significantly in 2018. We will do what we can to ensure that we can meet as much of this growing demand both in Australia and globally for our all-Australian gold standard high quality products."

The initial product range to be manufactured in bulk this month consists of VitaHemp Hulled Hemp Seeds, Raw Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Protein Powder and Hemp Seed Flour blends, that all provide the core omegas, fibre, minerals and high concentrations of protein:

1) Hulled Freshly Produced Australian Hemp Seed, packed with nutrients including naturally occurring Vitamin D, a balanced source of Omega essential fatty acids and proteins, and have a delicious nutty flavour. The seeds can be eaten as is, or added to smoothies, salads, pizza, yoghurt, porridge, cereals or humous.

These seeds will be processed and packaged for VitaHemp by Waltanna Hemp Group and HHC.

The first batch will be sold in 500g packets of seeds at $29.95 per packet RRP.

2) Raw, cold pressed, all Australian Hemp seed oil, a great source of anti-oxidants, vitamin E, minerals and vitamin D vital for calcium absorption, along with generous amounts of iron and zinc. Perfect for vegetarians and Vegans. It also adds an amazing nutty flavour to recipes and is recommended for use in smoothies, salads, vegetables and pasta dishes.

The first batch will be sold in 250ml bottles at $19.95 each.

3) Hemp meal, will be sold in 1kg packets for $19.95 per packet.

4) VitaHemp Milk is a delicious replacement for dairy milk and more nutritious than most other non-dairy milk substitutes. You can come and taste some of our delicious Hemp milk at the expo, and see it being made fresh! Our range of milks is currently being developed and we hope to announce this exciting introduction to our range shortly. See the link below to view the video of Andrew making hemp milk.

5) VitaHemp Honey is the first of our "Innovative Product Range" and is described above. It will be sold in 320g jars and is currently being prepared for production. The anticipated registered retail price will be $49.95

6) Hemp Protein Powder is highly digestible, naturally low in carbohydrates and high in BCAA's. Meaning that hemp protein is your one stop shop when it comes to looking after your body's health. Hemp protein does not possess any intoxicating properties but does naturally contain all 10 essential amino acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, calcium, folate, iron, vitamins, protein and more.

The protein powder will be sold in 500g containers at $34.95 each.

7) Hemp Sprinkles is a wonderful entry-level hemp seed Food, extraordinarily high in Fibre (70%) and will be sold for $9.95/kilo.

8) Hemp Seed Flour is a plain, non self-raising flour, and is recommended to be mixed with other flour in the ratio of 1 to 2. Hemp flour makes nutritious cakes, biscuits, breads and pastries. Hemp flour is plant based and naturally gluten free - no known allergens - and is a nutritious and flavoursome alternative to wheat flour. Hemp flour brings together all the value necessary for a healthy and high-fibre diet. It is a great substitute for those with gluten intolerance. Will be sold for $15.95/kilo.

See the link below for the video of Andrew speaking about what can be done with hemp flour, other hemp products and future products.

Website to be launched in December

Andrew Kavasilas said "We are very excited to now have an initial product range which will be going in to mass production this week. Besides the many stores that will be stocking our product, and the huge potential that Amazon's arrival into Australia has for our business, we will also be launching a retail website direct to consumer in December where our products can be bought direct from the company. We will be introducing shareholder discounts and loyalty programmes as well.

"In the interim, for all purchase consumer orders, please email the company at Especially in this initial high demand launch period, whether for wholesalers, retailers or consumers, we anticipate that available stock will be sold quickly. In order to ensure the best chance to receive product, those that register their interest first and shareholders will be given priority of product.

"We look forward to developing this business into the success it can become for all shareholders. We aim to be leading the Hemp health revolution in Australia and globally with our super food and super nutritional products."

This is just the beginning

Medical product development and research actively progressing

Pnina Feldman, executive Chairperson of QBL said "The legalisation of hemp seed foods in Australia only a couple weeks ago has opened Australia to a new local and global industry of enormous potential. We are proud to have been fortunate through our investment in MCL to be at the forefront of this hemp seed health revolution. This is an exciting time for our company and for all our shareholders.

"We are very pleased with the development of MCL and VitaHemp in such a short period of time. This is independent of the medical research and product arm of MCL, where we are confident that the coming days and weeks may prove to be equally as exciting for QBL in product development, research and market advantage. We are thankful that we have been able to be in the right place at the right time in such an important industry. This is not just a huge and lucrative investment for our shareholders, but also a major opportunity to contribute to the health and wellbeing of society at large. An area which we all feel for so passionately. Together let us make this world a healthier and happier place. This is just the beginning.

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