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The Gold Symposium To Be Held In Sydney On November 8-10, 2010
The Gold Symposium To Be Held In Sydney On November 8-10, 2010

Sydney, Oct 15, 2010 AEST (ABN Newswire) - "Gold is the canary in the coalmine." - Alan Greenspan

Gold continues to capture international attention with record prices catapulting the resource onto the financial world stage. But what does it mean from an investor perspective, how does it affect economies and how does one jump on the gravy train? Debates rage about bullion versus stock and the risks involved with both options.

Gold, in fact, is so rare that the world pours more steel in an hour than it has poured gold since the start of recorded history.

The Gold Symposium, November 8-10, 2010 featuring analysts, academics, producers and purveyors will cover all aspects of the growing fascination with gold as a commodity. As countries like China and Russia stockpile gold reserves and others such as Malaysia return to using it as currency, the shift has been palpable.

Janie Simpson, CEO, ABC Bullion, is witnessing an unprecedented increase in bullion sales.

"ABC Bullion gold transactions are up a massive 43.5% on last year - so while the wishful thinking continues in Canberra, London and Washington DC, investors continue to rush to take cover with gold.

"Whereas physical gold bars used to be seen as a bit of a weird investment, but with everyone looking for wealth protection, gold has become mainstream.

"And forget "paper gold" funds - it seems everybody now wants to get their hands on physical gold bars. Investors, especially super fund trustees, want to have investments outside the financial system that caused all the calamity in the first place!"

Resources' event specialist, Kerry Stevenson, Managing Director of Symposium has never experienced the level of interest the Gold Symposium has generated.

"I have been promoting the resources' sector to investors, brokers and fund managers for more than a decade and this has been a real eye-opener. With almost no publicity word of mouth has created an avalanche of enquiries.

"As the price of gold escalates so too does interest at grass-roots level. It is not surprising that the last time James Dines visited Australia his presentation was a sell-out event at the Opera House.

"This event has presenters from across the spectrum, academics, explorers, producers, economists, financial advisers and fund managers. Delegates will be able to have their questions answered by independent experts."

The 3-day Symposium includes presentations from Australian ASX listed gold miners and explorers followed by in-depth analysis from internationally renowned experts.

Speakers include:

- James Dines, one of the most accurate and highly regarded analysts today and author of the Dines Letter. Becoming the "Original Rare Earth Bug" in his May 1999 Letter, his last visit to Australia resulted in a sell-out event at the Opera House. Informative, controversial and outspoken his presentation will be a highlight of the event.

- Brett Le Brocque, Director, Investors Direct, and an investment advisor who points out just how potent gold can be - a person who purchased property in 1971 for $500,000 with a $400,000 mortgage and simultaneously purchased $20,000 worth of gold could in 1980, have sold the gold and after taxes paid off the entire mortgage and had a debt free property. Thought provoking, challenging and engaging, Le Brocque captivates audiences with his insightful knowledge and predictions.

- Gavin Thomas, Managing Director and CEO of Kingsgate Consolidated (googlechartASX:KCN) (googlechartPINK:KSKGF) will provide a detailed overview of the gold industry from a mining and exploration perspective. Outlining the process from prospecting through discovery to market, Thomas will identify the costs involved in extracting and refining and just why it commands so much attention.

- Prof Steve Keen, Associate Professor of Economics & Finance UWS, investigates how credit works and why it malfunctions. Drawing on the fallout from the GFC, Keen identifies and explains the bursting of the debt-financed speculative bubble; a debt that dwarfs that of the Great Depression; and why this can continue to happen.

- Robert Lambourne, Chairman, Penox SA UK, examines Gibson's Paradox , a 1923 observation that suggested the rate of interest and general level of prices were correlated; Professors Barsky and Summers linked the paradox to the operation of the gold standard in a paper published in 1988; commentators speculated this paper led to the covert policy of gold price suppression to reduce long-term interest rates.

- Dan Denning, Editor The Daily Reckoning, looks at the welfare aspects of both the global financial crisis as well as the impact gold will have on the welfare system per se. Denning will discuss the implications of gold becoming the foundation of a new financial order.

- Dr David Evans, Mathematician & Founder of GoldNerds, states that gold is back as an integral part of our monetary system and that the days of manufactured "paper" currency are limited.

Other speakers include Rudy Fritsch, President of Allsteel, Toronto, Louis Boulanger, CFA, Founder & Director, LB Now Ltd, NZ, Richard Karn, Managing Editor, The Emerging Trends Report, USA and Barry Dawes, Managing Director, Martin Place Securities.

"Symposium is delighted to present this event in association with ABC Bullion - two gold chicks passionate about bullion." Concludes Stevenson.

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