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Author Robert McGuiness Announces New Releases: "The Attenuating Puritan" and "Dropped Calls"

🕔6/17/2024 6:52:56 PM

Author Robert McGuiness Announces New Releases: "The Attenuating Puritan" and "Dropped Calls" Renowned author Robert McGuiness is thrilled to announce the release of his two highly anticipated books, The Attenuating Puritan and Dropped Calls.

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Warren H. Lau, CEO of Utopia Online Branding Solutions, Celebrates Unicademy's Rapid Growth to 2,000 Students

🕔6/17/2024 3:30:00 PM

In an exclusive interview, Warren H. Lau, the visionary C.E.O. of Utopia Online Branding Solutions, discusses the remarkable achievement of Unicademy Online Education in reaching 2,000 students within a mere four months of its online class launch.

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Dr. Danielle Camer receives international recognition through the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD® & the NYC Big Book Award

🕔6/17/2024 10:37:44 AM

The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD, one of the most prestigious book award programs globally for independent authors, publishers, and illustrators, will recognize Dr.

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Summer's Heat Can Negatively Impact Users of Certain Prescription Drugs

🕔6/14/2024 9:28:22 PM

In the best of circumstances, managing a treatment regimen for chronic health issues conditions can be difficult, but when the summer temperatures begin climbing, those challenges can become dangerous.

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NovatechFX : Victims Recover Lost Funds With Intelligence Commissioner’s NovaTech FX Fund Recovery Program

🕔6/14/2024 9:34:39 AM

Update: The Novatech FX Fund Recovery Program by the Intelligence Commissioner has already recovered $125,000 for the victims of the Novatech FX scam.

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Local woman wins Bronze for Global Awards, Women Changing the World 2024

🕔6/14/2024 8:10:37 AM

Samantha Brunskill has been named Emerging Leader of the Year (Bronze) Award winner of the 2024 Women Changing the World Awards. The Women Changing the World Awards presented by Oprah Winfrey’s all-time favourite guest, Dr.

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CallCabinet Enabled for Webex Calling Compliance on NUWAVE’s iPILOT

🕔6/14/2024 3:00:00 AM

CallCabinet, the leader in compliant call recording and AI-driven conversation analytics, announced today its innovative solution is now available for both Microsoft Teams and Webex Calling via NUWAVE's iPILOT platform.

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